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Israeli medicine is considered one of the best in the world. 
In Israel, come for treatment and diagnosis of people from around the world, including from the CIS countries. 
Israeli doctors saved the lives of thousands of people. 
By contacting us you will receive treatment in Israeli specialists of the highest level. 

Medical Tourism means the provision of medical services outside the country of residence.Thousands of people use the opportunity to receive qualified treatment in first-class hospitals and clinics with relaxation and wellness. 
Israel is among the most popular countries where medical care is provided at the highest level in combination with rather be acceptable prices. 
Israeli doctors have the highest qualifications and equipment in clinics - the most modern.Therefore, the inhabitants of the CIS has long been discovered medical tourism in Israel, combining first-class treatment in hospitals and rest on the Dead Sea, Eilat. 
CIS citizens who received medical care in Israel, and also appreciate the warm and respectful attitude by the medical staff of clinics and the large number of Russian-speaking staff, which makes communication with doctors and medical staff an easy and understandable.

About Us

The command "Israel Medical Service" welcomes you to our website.

We provide all medical support services, as well as provide a full range of services and advice On-Line with leading experts Israelihealth.

Our main task is to ensure and provide you with the best treatment of the disease, which befell you. It is in Israel, we will be able toconnect the best experts, the most modern equipment and the most vysokoosnaschennye hospitals and clinics. That is whytreatment is provided by us to be very effective. You will be able to see this.

We will draw for you a full list of documents required for treatment in Israel, will meet you at the airport and will accompany you throughout the entire course of treatment.
You can contact us and we will gladly and in the shortest possible time, to answer all your questions.


Our services

Obstetrics - Gynecology
Women's health, her reproductive function and pregnancy
Internal Medicine
Clinical endoscopic diagnosis and treatment
Bone marrow and hematopoiesis
Thoracic Surgery
Cardiac and other operations on the chest
Skin (psoriasis) and diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.
Children's blood-oncology
This special service includes children's oncology outpatient clinics and day hospitals, in-patient departments and clinics bone marrow transplantation.
Pediatric Cardiology
In the departments of Pediatric Cardiology, we are engaged in the treatment of the fetus of pregnant women (intrauterine), infants, children and adults with congenital heart defects and acquired heart disease specific.
Pediatric Orthopedics
Pediatric ophthalmology
Vision and visual pathways
Children's Plastic Surgery
Corrective and aesthetic
Children's Rehabilitation
Heart and circulation
Central and peripheral nervous system
The brain, spinal cord and nerves
Kidney and Hypertension
Orthopaedic Oncology
The skeleton, joints and bones
Vision and visual pathways
Plastic surgery
Corrective and aesthetic
Offer to do a full medical examination
Lungs and respiratory system
Physiotherapy after stroke, injury and / or birth defects such as cerebral palsy, etc.
Sports Medicine
Treatment of sports injuries
Bladder and prostate, the reproductive function in men, urinary incontinence in women
Surgery oral and maxillofacial surgery.


On this page you will soon be available in our price list which will be described products and services offered by our company and the price for them.

Our experts

In "Ichilov" Hospital, as elsewhere in the world technique IVF is regarded as the main cause of infertility treatment. Office of artificialinsemination for 25 years in charge of an outstanding expert in this field of medicine, Professor Ami Amit. Artificial insemination is widely used in pathology of the fallopian tubes, endometriosis, endocrine disorders, insufficient or reduced sperm motility, the presence of antibodies to sperm, as well as infertility due to unknown reasons.

Amir U Prof. Ami Amit

Amir Kremer Dr.Amir Kramer


Heart surgeon Amir Kramer - one of the five best heart surgeons of Israel according to one of the main Israeli newspapers ("Ma'ariv")

In many cases, the pathology of the cardiovascular system is used not only therapeutic treatment, but surgical correction is necessary and.
The Israeli Cardiovascular very strong in this area is not inferior to any country mira.Chto As for children's operations, then Israel is almost without equal. Many operations are performed when the child a few months.
Each year, the Israeli surgeons spend a few thousand operations for adults and children, including many patients from other countries, including Russia and CIS countries.

Surgeries are held in many congenital and acquired cardiovascular diseases:
Implantation of cardiac rhythm stimulators and defibrillators automatic
Coronary artery bypass surgery using their own vessels
Replacement heart valves
Reconstructive vascular surgery
Closure of congenital atrial septal defect

The most commonly used in surgical treatment of coronary heart disease. Successful operations in this disease are coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) and stenting of the vessels.

Each method has its indications and contraindications, and sometimes they are interchangeable. Methods of operation is selected individually after examination of the patient.

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